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On 11 October 2020, the opening of Christian Odzuck's work "Atlanten" took place. "Atlanten" is the eighth work in the series of young Art at the Moltkeplatz, and will be on display at the Moltkeplatz sculpture park until September 2021.

More than 120 people had accepted the invitation to the opening and were able to engage with the work in lovely "Golden October"-like weather: sunny and dry for most of the time. They were also able to exchange ideas with the artist Christian Odzuck and the curator Dr. Anna Fricke, among others. After the welcoming by KaM e.V., Mayor Franz-Josef Britz delivered greetings from the city of Essen, followed by Gerd Mahler, who as chairman of the "Jury Kunst im öffentlichen Raum" (Jury for Art in Public Spaces) pointed out the importance of art in public spaces. Afterwards, Anna Fricke introduced the artist and explained the work "Atlanten" - including the numerous years from first ideas until now.

Corona hygiene rules required the use of personal protective measures, and made everybody keep a safe distances on the meadow. 
More about "Atlanten", the opening, and additonal pictures  here.

On 03 Nov 2020 Christian Odzuck has posted a video "ATLANTEN - THE MAKING OF" on YouTube;  to display it click  here.  

This project is sponsored and supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Kulturstiftung Essen,  Allbau Stiftung, Sparkassenlotterie "PS-Sparen und Gewinnen", Vestocor GmbH, Nolte Ingenieur Holzbau GmbH, Elvermann Schaltechnik GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Lars Römling, and Feldhaus Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH & Co KG 

On 25 July 2020, the Lord Mayor of the City of Essen, Thomas Kufen, visited the Moltkeplatz together with some CDU local politicians. In the course of a lively exchange of ideas - while observing the Covid 19 distance rules - KaM board members were able to present ideas on the situation and further development of the sculpture park and the Moltkeplatz art location and to solicit support for the planned measures.

The Lord Mayor was very positive about the activities of KaM and emphasized their model character. He and Councilwoman Barbara Rörig indicated their support for KaM's plans and ideas.

 ("life size") - more works by the artist Heinz Breloh have been on display within the exhibition 

Plaster sculpture "Lebensgröße / Life Size"; picture taken in 2008

On 04 Nov 2019, Dr Paul Breloh (member of the community of heirs of the Heinz Breloh estate) had presented to KaM´s members a film showing his brother, the sculptor Heinz Breloh (1940-2001), working to create a plaster mould of a "Lebensgröße / Life Size" sculpture; see here under the date 04 Nov 2019.

since 23 March 2020, preparations have been underway for work on the S-Bahn bridge across Kronprinzenstrasse at the north-western end of the Moltkeplatz sculptures park. According to the city of Essen, these are to be carried out by DB during the Easter holidays.

As a first measure, several construction and material containers were set up in the park and on parking areas next to it on 23 March. Also advertising spaces under the bridge have been removed.

During the week from 30 March, the specialist company delivered, among other things, the bridge bearings which are to be mounted as replacements for the old and broken bearings. The Südanzeiger reports with an article on 01 Apr 2020; see here . 

At the end of April the work was finished and all working material was removed from the sculpture park.

on 14 March 2020 a group of KaM members and neighbours jointly took part in the 15th Spick-and-Span / SauberZauber cleaning campaign of the city of Essen. Ignoring the expected approach of the Corona-COVID-19 restrictions, more than ten people came together in beautiful spring weather, and - as in previous years - cleaned the sculpture meadow and the surrounding area from rubbish and refuse. Various partially well-filled rubbish bags were deposited at a collection point for removal by the Essen EBE waste disposal company.

The action ended with an informal get-together in bright sun with snacks and drinks.

The "official action film / Offiziellen Aktionfilm" of the Ehrenamtsagentur Essen about this year´s action is available here on Youtube.

on 02 March 2020, a specialist company commissioned by the owner Westnetz GmbH repainted the transformer house opposite the SELK church. Since a complete renovation by the then-owner RWE more than 10 years ago, KaM had removed or painted over any contamination etc that had occurred in the meantime.


The newly repainted transformer house is part of the redbrick and mortar artwork "Eine echte falsche Geschichte / A Genuine Fake Story"  by Hannes Forster in the southeast corner of the sculpture meadow. More about that artwork can also be read here (in German).