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Thursday 28 March 2019 from 11:00 

"Sculptures in Dialogue"

Students of the UNESCO School to exhibit temporary works on the Moltkeplatz.

Duration one day. Opening 28 March at 11:00 am. Guided tours by the students at 11:00, 13:00,
15:00 and 17:00. More information  here.  

In case of bad weather the exhibition will be postponed by one week; announcement on this page if necessary.

Announcements in the local press Südanzeiger/Lokalkompass here and here.

on Tuesday 10 Sep 2019 from 17:00

there will be - within the "Feierabendspaziergänge" series of walks of the Rheinischer Verein für Denkmalpflege und Umweltschutz - a two-hour guided tour around the sculptures park Moltkeplatz.

For further information (including a guided tour through the Moltkeviertel on 14 May) click into the picture or here ; additional information (including a guided tour in Werden on 09 July) here .

The annual program 2019 of these evening walks of the Rheinischer Verein in various places 
you can find  here .


on 16 March 2019 KaM members and neighbours took part together in the 14th Action Spick-and-Span / Sauber Zauber campaign of the city of Essen. Despite the bad weather forecast for the day - which turned out to be much better than feared - eight people came together and - as in previous years - cleaned the sculpture park and the surrounding areas of rubbish and refuse. Glass and plastic bottles were just as much a part of it as discarded clothing, car parts and a lot of packaging waste. The action ended with a nice get-together.

Various rubbish bags, well filled to various levels, were deposited at a central point for later collection by the city of Essen garbage collection service.

on 15 Feb 2019 the twin exhibition "B1 - Constructors of artistic form" and "Konsortium - Triumvirat" was opened in the Märkisches Museum Witten.

"B1" was a project by 10 artists from the Ruhr area from the late 1960s (before the B1 road was renamed to Autobahn A40). Friedrich Gräsel - whose work  "Hanover Gate / Hannover Tor" has been on display at the Moltkeplatz since 1982 - was part of the B1 project; several of his works can be found in the exhibition in Witten.

The artist group "Konsortium" has exhibited their temporary work "Korridor" on the Moltkeplatz during 2014-2015 within the series "young Art At The Moltkeplaz / junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz". During that time, a work by Friedrich Gräsel and Konsortium could be seen side by side.

Friedrich Gräsel "Hanover Gate / Hannover Tor" 
and Konsortium "Korridor"

on 23 Jan 2019: second day this winter with snow on the sculptures 

"Banquet Group / Bankett Gruppe 2, 2018" of Phung-Tien Phan: fenced-in area, and one single "being" (out of eight).

On 16 Dec 2018, for the first time this winter,  snow covered the sculptures ... for the first time also the temporary artwork "Banquet Group / Bankett Gruppe 2, 2018" of the artist Phung-Tien Phan.

Click into a picture to view it in full size

Unfortunately, after half a day the snow thawed, and the snowfall turned to rain.

On 12 Nov 2018, a group of art students from the University of Duisburg-Essen, together with their lecturer Johanna Schwarz, visited the sculpture ensemble.

Click into a picture to view it in full size

During a guided tour the art works as well as their materials and surfaces were discussed and the peculiarities of art in public space were pointed out. 

The temporary artwork "Banquet Group 2, 2018"  by the artist Phung-Tien Phan, which had been opened the day before as the seventh work within the series "young" Art at the Moltkeplatz was also discussed in detail.

on 11 Nov 2018 the vernissage for the temporary work "Banquet Group 2, 2018" by the artist Phung-Tien Phan took place. This is the seventh work in the series "young" Art at the Moltkeplatz which was started by KaM in 2010. The work, consisting of eight separate parts (= "beings") and a fence, will complement the ensemble of permanent sculptures until about Oct 2019. Read more about it here.

left-hand picture by Erwin Wiemer: visitos included, from right to left: Peter Gorschlüter (director Museum Folkwang), Muchtar Al Ghusain (Deputy for Culture and Schools), Franz-Josef Britz (Mayor of the city of Essen), Dirk Heidenblut (MdB/MP), Phung-Tien Phan (artist), Anna Fricke (curator Museum Folkwang), Volker Wagenitz (KaM) 

Due to bad weather, the vernissage was "spontaneously" moved from the sculptures ensemble into the church of the Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche SELK, which was kindly made available by Pastor Klaus Pahlen.

More about it here.

This project is sponsored and supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Allbau Stiftung and Sparkassenlotterie "PS-Sparen und Gewinnen"

on 08 Aug 2018, after a long and hot time without rainfall, Grün und Gruga Essen began to water the trees around the sculpture park - and elsewhere in the vicinity. The 10,000-litre tank trailer was repeatedly refilled from road hydrants before the next round was started.

For more information (in German) on the drought problem see here: WAZ/NRZ article dated 16 Aug 2018, and here: Statement of the City of Essen

On 21 Aug, Grün und Gruga Essen has again watered the old tall plane trees around the sculpture park using the 10,000-litre tank trailer 

on 02 Aug 2018 in the evening a group of KaM members and friends met at the sculpture park to enjoy a few hours of animated conversations - and snacks and drinks brought for the occasion. The old high plane trees gave a cooling impression, which was very pleasant in the tropical temperatures. A "hard core" of the participants, who had stayed until well after midnight, cleaned up from about 01:30.

Click into an image to enlarge it

on 02 July 2018 video by Erwin Wiemer covering the performance "Medusae" by Gabriele Kaiser-Schanz during the Sculptures Festival on 23 June 2018 has been posted on youtube. To view the video click here ...

... or into the picture ... or go to the web page on the sculptures festival  here.

on 25 and 28 June 2018, two groups of students of the UNESCO-Schule Essen visited the sculpture ensemble on the Moltkeplatz together with their art teacher Volker Ullenboom and were introduced - within a guided tour provided by KaM - to some of the art works.


on 23 June 2018 the association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. celebrated this year's sculptures festival on the Moltkeplatz. Members, people interested in art, neighbours, and friends were cordially invited. KaM welcomed the guests and thanked all supporters of the KaM activities. This was followed by an address by the Mayor Franz-Josef Britz who conveyed the greetings of the city of Essen and in his contribution paid tribute to the work of the association KaM.

Snacks and drinks provided the opportunity for many interesting and stimulating conversations well into the evening.

Starting at 16:00 the Essen artist Gabriele Kaiser-Schanz presented her performance "Medusae". A large number of visitors followed this presentation.

Later in the afternoon there was the offer to get to know the art works at the Moltkeplatz during a guided tour.

 about the Sculptures Festival 2018 and the performance "Medusae" by Gabriele Kaiser-Schanz 
here (in German).

25 May 2018: On the occasion of the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR having come into force, we would like to point out that we may only send out information and invitations in respect of actions and activities on art at Moltkeplatz if we have received your prior consent. We have sent out e-mails requesting your consent on 24/25 May 2018.

If you would like to continue to receive (or newly receive) our information, and have not given us your consent in this respect on or after 24 May 2018, then please send your request by 

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You can of course revoke your consent to the use of your data at any time - an informal message will do.

"Spring Cleaning" of the Sculptures: on 27 Apr 2018, taking adventage of the fine weather, the sculptures were cleaned with brushes and lots of water ... same as every spring. 


on 22 April 2018  a guided tour of the sculptures´ ensemble with discussions was part of a neighbours´ family celebration. Following the introduction to the art works present, and some talks there was just enough time to get home, and continue to celebrate the special day for the family before an approaching thunderstorm got here and soaked the area.

on 13 April 2018 members and friends of KaM had a chance to attend the opening of the exhibtion "Friedrich Gräsel - Working heart. Skulptur und Zeichnung im Dialog". The Art Estate business unit of the Cologne-based auction house Van Ham has been managing the estate of Friedrich Gräsel (1927 - 2013) since 2016. To be on display 14 thru 28 April 2018 in the Van Ham  building, a large and well compiled selection of Friedrich Gräsel´s oeuvre is presented.

During a panel dialogue with Van Ham Art Estate´s Director Dr. Renate Goldmann, Titus Gräsel - one of Friedrich Gräsels´s sons and himself an artist, too - provided first-hand information on some aspects of his father`s life and work. This was followed by an introduction to the Van Ham-prepared web site www.friedrich-graesel.de , and the interactive works catalogue it provides.

left: outdoor sculpture at the Van Ham premisses; right: Titus Gräsel next to a glass table featuring Gräsel´s Rosenthal porcelain tubes 

Two large outdoor sculptures of Friedrich Gräsel are on display at the premisses next to the Van Ham- building.

Friedrich Gräsel has supported KaM from the very beginning, and in numerous ways. In 2007 and 2008 KaM-members had the privilege of a guided tour through his studio conducted by himself, and in 2014 - after his death - they were given a chance to have another look together with his sons. Impressions of those visits  here  und  here.

on 31 March 2018 members of the association KaM e.V. used the nice spring weather to clean the signs showing the way to the sculptures park Moltkeplatz. Algae, dirt, and moss had accumulated there over the years, and needed to be removed. While working on these signs a number of traffic signs were also cleaned.

The signs showing the way to the sculptures park were erected at both ends of the Moltkeplatz in time for the year of the Cultural Capital of Europe RUHR.2010.

on 10 March 2018 members of the association KaM, together with neighbours of the Moltkeplatz, have jointly participated in the 13. Aktion SauberZauber "spick-and-span" action day of the city of Essen. A total of 14 persons collected refuse, left-over, and other waste from the sculptures park and the surrounding areas ... this year enjoying the sunny early spring weather. The action day ended with an informal get-together.

Photo:  Michael Kampkötter Sandra Singh

Numerous bags filled with bottles, plastics, and other waste were deposited at a collection point for the city of Essen garbage collection service Entsorgungsbetriebe Essen EBE.

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Highlight of 2017 (more in the archives)

01 Sep 2017:  Brochure about the Art Venue Moltkeplatz has been released

10 Jahre Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. - 35 Jahre Skulpturenwiese Moltkeplatz
10 years association KaM e.V. - 35 years Sculptures Park Moltkeplatz

Text by Dr Uwe Rüth and Tankred Stachelhaus

The brochure documents the history of the Art Venue Moltkeplatz since its inception. It covers the time span from 1982 - when the first sculpture ("Hannover Tor / Hanover Gate" by Friedrich Gräsel) was erected by the Essen gallery owner Jochen Krüper - all the way to the temporary exhibitions of the "junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz" series initiated by KaM e.V. which was founded in 2006.
More about the brochure here.
An English language text-only version of the brochure is available  here .

Highlight of 2013 (more in the archives)

Sonntag  23. Juni 2013

war die Vernissage mit der Eröffnung des Werkes "HOrigamiUSE" von Frank Bölter.
Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt führte in das Werk ein. Mehr zu Werk, Aufbau, Vernissage und Links zu weiteren Bildern und Informationen hier. 

am Samstag  22. Juni 2013

stellte Frank Bölter - als viertes Werk im Rahmen der Aktion junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz - sein übermannshohes, nach einer Origami-Anleitung gefaltetes, "Haus" auf dem Moltkeplatz auf. KaM-Mitglieder, Kunstinteressierte und Anwohner waren zum Aufbau eingeladen und haben intensiv mitgearbeitet.

Erwin Wiemer hat den Vorgang gefilmt und auf YouTube eingestellt; für den Beitrag klicken Sie hier.

Mehr zu Werk, Aufbau, Vernissage und Links zu weiteren Bildern und Informationen hier.

Highlight aus 2012 (weiteres im Archiv)

22.-26. Mai 2012

in dieser Woche hat Hannes Forster auf dem Moltkeplatz sein Werk Eine echte falsche Geschichte aus 1990 endgültig fertiggestellt. Die Auslegung des Innenraums des Werkes mit roten Ziegelpflaster war seinerzeit zwar geplant worden, ist aber erst jetzt - nach 22 Jahren - realisiert worden. Die Kosten für die Fertigstellung hat der Verein KaM getragen.

Hannes Forster bei den letzen Schritten zur Fertigstellung seines Werkes.

Die WAZ berichtete mit einem Artikel vom 29./30. Mai 2012 .

Highlight aus 2011 (weiteres im Archiv)

23. Dez.  2011

Das Hannover Tor ist gerettet

Der Kaufpreis ist aufgebracht. Der Skulpturenverein Moltkeviertel e.V. SiM hat den Kaufvertrag unterschrieben und den Kaufpreis überwiesen.

Das Hannover Tor bleibt damit auf Dauer dem Skulpturenensemble auf dem Moltkeplatz und der Stadt Essen erhalten. Wir danken allen Spenderinnen und Spendern und den weiteren Unterstützern unserer Bemühungen.

Seit dem 10. Aug. 2011 hatte sich der Skulpturenverein Moltkeviertel e.V. SiM aktiv darum bemüht, Mittel zum Erwerb des Hannover Tors von Friedrich Gräsel einzuwerben.
Mehr dazu hier.

Highlight aus 2008 (weiteres im Archiv)

21. Mai 2008

Gloria Friedmanns "Denkmal" erstrahlt wieder in der Originalfarbe

(Das Gas-Häuschen im Hintergrund rechts wurde durch die Stadtwerke Essen in 2009 gereinigt und bepflanzt.)

Als erste Maßnahme nach Abschluß des Patenvertrags hat KaM dies Kunstwerk auf Kosten des Vereins reinigen und restaurieren lassen. Gloria Friedmann hat sich am 25. Mai 2008 sehr positiv zu dem Ergebnis der Restaurierung geäußert.

Lesen Sie mehr dazu in einem Artikel hier.


Highlight aus 2006 (weiteres im Archiv)

Mittwoch 21. Juni 2006

Am Mittwoch 21. Juni 2006 verhinderte eine Gruppe Anwohner den Abtransport des Hannover Tors. Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel hier.

Fünf Jahre später, im Jahr 2011, wurde das Hannover Tor ein zweites Mal - nunmehr endgültig - für den Moltkeplatz "gerettet"... siehe unter "Highlight aus 2011" oben.