Ansgar Nierhoff (1941-2010)   Paarweise / In Pairs   1988

Schmiedestahl gebrannt / forged steel, fired

Dimensions: 99 x 34 x 370 cm

Other sculptures by Ansgar Nierhoff in public spaces in Essen:

"Ein leichtes Spiel / An Easy Game"
1991; location-specific ensemble consisting of a forged steel polyhedron (diameter 134 cm), a forged steel stela (diameter 44.5 cm, height 820 cm), a split steel circle (diameter 798 cm, and 6 cm), and a square steel grid for a base (12 x 12 m) on the Salzmarkt in the Essen city centre; approx 2,100 metres northwest of the Moltkeplatz. Picture here.
from the Moltkeplatz to the Salzmarkt here.

Salzmarkt, Essen; Coordinates: 51 27 23.63 N  7 00 34.71 E.

"Zwei Kompositstreckungen berühren die Tangente an einen bodenbündigen Eisenkreis / Two Composite Extensions touching the Tangents on an Iron Ring let into the Ground"
1993; three part sculpture on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 4-8 next to the main entrance to the Limbecker Platz shopping centre in the northwestern part of the Essen city centre; approx 350 m northwest of the Salzmarkt

from Moltkeplatz to the Salzmarkt here (walking distance from there approx 500 m towards northeast)

Location: next to the Einkaufszentrum / shopping center Limbecker Platz, Limbecker Strasse / corner of Logenstrasse / Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 4, Essen; coordinates approx 51 27 30.0 N  7 00 25.76 E.

Twin stela and ground-level object (both sculptures owned by the artist´s estate); location currently next to the RevierRad-Station / bike station at the world heritage site Zeche Zollverein (a former coal mine) approx 6.5 km north of the Moltkeplatz; approx 100 m east of the Förderturm / shaft XII (the "Zollverein" landmark) next to the Revier Rad Station / bike rental station (numbered A26 on the Zollverein map).
Map from the Moltkeplatz to the Zeche Zollverein here.
Coordinates: apporx 51 29 11.7 N, 7 02 43.8 E.

Within the 2010 LAB TV project of the Kulturhauptstadt / Cultural Capital of Europe RUHR.2010 two works of Ansgar Nierhoff have been covered in the web video parody Paarweise - Ist es Kunst oder kann das wech? / In Pairs - Is this art or can it go? The video is also availabe on here on YouTube.

Pictures of Günter Pilger of the two works in the Essen city center here (bottom center).

Ansgar Nierhoff
in the compilation Kunst im öffentlichen Raum /Art in public spaces in Nordrhein-Westfalen here.

Ansgar Nierhoff: Vita (2013)  of "Kunst aus NRW / Art in Northrhine-Westphalia" in Aachen-Kornelimünster