Gloria Friedmann  (*1950)   Denkmal / Monument   1990  

abgestorbener Baum - eingelassen in Betonwand

dead tree – set into a concrete wall

Dimensions approx 45.5 x 355 x 637 (h) cm

On 25 May 2008 Gloria Friedmann was higly positive in her comments on the restoration of her work. Read more about in an newspaper article here.

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The following sculpture was created in the year after the "Denkmal / Monument":

Gloria Friedmann   Stigma   1991   at the  Wanås Sculptures Park

Foto: Anders Norrsell, courtesy of the Wanås Foundation

Wanås Foundation, Knislinge/Sweden  

Concrete, paint. Height 5 m, width 16 m.

The charred dead tree fell down during the big storm in 2005.