Lutz Fritsch (*1955)   EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE   1990

Rundrohr, Stahl, orange-blau lackiert   (auf der Verkehrsinsel Moltkeplatz / Ruhrallee)

round steel tube, painted orange and blue  (on the traffic island Ruhrallee / Moltkeplatz)

Dimensions: height 1.000 cm, diameter 12 cm

51 26 49.77 N  7 01 24.70 E

Lutz Fritsch´s (2007) comment on his sculpture "EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE": 

" . . .  the sculpture "EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE" is a location-dependent sculpture. That means it has been created for this specific location; it has grown out of the location.

... I have selected that location because it is a piece of "no man's land"; an island apart, embedded in a system of traffic junctions.

At the lower level of the junction system there are the dynamics, the motion, the speed of the passing cars. This pulsating moment is reflected in the colour orange.

Above the traffic junction there is the zone of tranquillity and expanse. This is the color blue.

The sculpture and the location for which it has been conceived form a single unity."

(translated from German original)

On 28 Sep 2014 Lutz Fritsch provided a guided tour to members and friends of the association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM, who enjoyed being being given an introduction to his exhibition in Bonn, a detailled tour to some of his works in Bonn and Cologne, and to his ideas and views in respect of art in public spaces. Beautiful Indian summer like weather provided the setting for a most interesting day that will remain in our memories.


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