Visit of the
"Kunsthaus NRW / Northrhine-Westphalia Art House  Kornelimünster"

on 28 Nov 2015

there was a guided tour for members and friends organized by KaM of the Northrhine-Westphalia state institution "Kunsthaus NRW / NRW Art House Kornelimünster" (formerly known as "Kunst aus NRW / Art of NRW"in Aachen-Kornelimünster. Dr Marcel Schumacher, head of the institution since April 2015, supports the Moltkeplatz as curator of the KaM project "junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art At The Moltkeplatz". For information about the tasks and the background of this state institution read here and i.a. here.

In front of the main entrance to the former "Reichsabtei / Imperial immediacy abbey" building, the group of members and friends of KaM was "greeted" by artwork of Ansgar Nierhoff (represented at the Moltkeplatz with his work Paarweise / In Pairs), and Christian Forsen (who, in 2010, was the first artist of the KaM project "junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art At The Moltkeplatz", and who took part in the action day "Kunst im Wohnraum / Art in The Living Room in Essen" that same year).
foreground: two steel polyhedrons by Ansgar Nierhoff

foreground: bronze sculpture by 
Christian Forsen

The group was guided by Ms Kamps, a long-time staff member, who provided the group with a most interesting, and quite detailed tour, full of personal experience, and introduced the group to various parts of the institution. See below for a few impressions:

Sebastian Freytag:
Blaustein Steinbruch / Bluestone Quarry  2015  
Bücher und Fototapete / books and picture wall paper 

Sebastian Freytag is a member of the artists´ group "Konsortium", who had erected their work Korridor as the fifth work of the KaM project "junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art At The Moltkeplatz".  Korridor was on display at the Moltkeplatz during November 2014 - November 2015.

high quality picture  here  (on the  Kunsthaus web site if necessary click
into the picture first, and then > 

Martin Pfeifle:
Rinascente 2010  L
ight installation in the stair case

Martin Pfeifle´s planned work Weiße Welle / White Wave (preliminary title) has been selected to be on display at the Moltkeplatz during May 2016 thru April 2017 as the sixth work within the KaM project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art At The Moltkeplatz.

The tour ended with informal discussions over dinner (and some drinks) in the rustic atmosphere of the historic Kornelimünster train station of the Vennbahn / Venn (fen) railroad (now in use as the Vennbahnradweg cycling track)... within walking distance of the former abbey.